December 8

Using Excel for Exports and Imports?


Excel sheets are perhaps the most critical piece of technology you use for your high-value exports & imports business.

Let’s admit that you are heavily dependent on using boring and complicated spreadsheets. Do you think it’s reliable and scalable, or just that you can’t find a suitable alternative? Let’s dig in deeper…

Cross-border trade is a complex, multi-step process:

  • Understanding Buyer’s requirements
  • Quotations/ Proposals
  • Sales / Purchase Order Confirmation
  • Packaging – Packing Lists
  • Sea / Air Freight & Inland Logistics
  • Different Invoices – Commercial, Customs, and Tax Invoice
  • Customs Clearances (CHA)
  • Marine Insurance & EPCG
  • Bank Remittance – Payments
  • Currency Risk
  • Incentives (RoDTPL)
  • Advance Licenses / EPCG or Import Duty

As an organization that is growing, how are you handling this workflow – we’ve seen it across companies, a strange multi-folder structure – filled with documents for each and every shipment – Excel sheets, Word copies, and signed hard copies, all stored on Google Drive, accessible by everyone?

All these documents will be mailed internally and externally for every shipment – multiple times (25+ emails, 10+ documents, 8+ service providers, and follow-up with phone calls for every shipment, i.e. 100+ man-hours collectively)
In midst of all this – how do you manage below key functions:-

Ah! Excel trackers exist for each of these activities, right?

Let us take a look at the Pros and Cons of Excel & Email for EXIM.

Pros (Excel + Email for EXIM) :

  1. Easy & Flexible
  2. Low Cost (No investment)

But look at the downside – what do you end up losing out :

Cons (Excel + Email does not provide):

  1. Lack of MIS & Reports
  2. Difficult to search (criminal waste of time)
  3. No Backup or Data Security
  4. No Mobile or Cloud Access of Documents
  5. No Auto Alerts or Reminders (Due dates, ETA, etc)
  6. No linkages between various documents
  7. No version control

Is there anything that can be done to improve the Status Quo? Is there any software or solution you might consider?

Exim can be simplified and managed more efficiently.

With an easy-to-use cloud-based software solution, Ninjas PRO is a platform to solve the EXIM workflow problem. You can automate and digitalize this workflow with our user-friendly software. To know more about the features of Ninjas Pro Click here…


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