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So, what are you waiting for

Take your Export Business online

Domestic Businesses going online while exporters are clueless on how to proceed.

COVID-19 has shifted the whole sales process online. It has led to a completely new way of doing business for the Industry. Exporters now have to work with different software & hardware to manage their sales process leading to a steep learning curve. We went deeper in the workflow to see how modern technology can help exporters grow their business today as well as in the future.

Create Online Product Catalogue

Create digital product catalogues within 5 minutes and display it on your website in the form of an e-commerce website

  • Create Unlimited Products with unlimited attributes (price dependent and custom).
  • Store every detail of your products, all in one place.
  • Showcase all your products on your current website.

Real Time Pricing through proprietary pricing engine

Create And Share Quotations/ Proposals With Buyers Or Let Customers Create Proposals For Themselves From Your Website.

  • Keep track of draft / submitted / won and closed quotations.
  • Send automatic reminders for quotation validity and expiry.
  • Don’t wait till later to send an offer to your buyers and close more deals.


Are you really sure that pricing that you quote to a buyer are your best prices and not too low or too high?? Quoting too high or too low can lead your customer to shut down on you.

Packaging / Private Label

Create A Catalogue Of Different Packaging/ Customisation That You Provide And Link It With Your Products

Ninjas Pro provides you with an inbuilt tool where you can define different types of packaging that you provide along with its cost and then you can associate respective packaging to the products you offer.


Easily Create Export Documents Using Templates Or Upload Directly On Your Dashboard.

Now define documentation and link that document to a specific country if it is required unique to that region or attach that document to all the regions, so you don't have to worry about it each and every time you provide costing.

Customer Management

Store And Secure All Your Customer Data At One Place And Easily Manage It.

  • Set different margins for different customers.
  • Set different Payment terms for different customers.
  • Get better insights on all your customers.
  • Get customers to complete their KYCG to get better insights on all your customers.

We take away the biggest challenge in SCALING

With SupplyNinjas you can scale your business to new heights without the fear of failing. 

How It Works


Signup for your account on SupplyNinjas - Click here for a Free Account.


Add warehouse or your location from where you will ship your products.


Import Customers & Commodities you sell and setup the pricing. 


SupplyNinjas will start creating quotes for your requirements automatically for you. 

what our customers are saying


When the pandemic hit, our sales operations came to a sudden halt. Resuming & bringing our sales team back on track was crucial. Ensuring that buyers get timely quotations was pivotal too. SupplyNinjas’s pricing engine fit in perfectly as per our requirement. It ensured timely quotations & follow up with the buyers, & it is faster than before.

Chander Prakash

FMCG Exporter / Importer


We used to get a lot of enquiries, being a small exporter, we did not had the bandwidth to entertain all of them, due to which we were loosing potential business. Thanks to Supply Ninjas, now we just have to feed customer's info into the system and their system takes care of marketing and sales. Now, we have more time to focus on our core business.

Somnath Aggarwal

Rice Exporter


Now getting quotations of different commodities is a piece of cake and I don't have to rely on expertise of purchase manager and don't have to wait for a week or more to collect quoted from different suppliers. It saves us a lot of money and time in terms of procurement and we can track shipment status right from my dashboard.

Zaheer Ahmad

Buyer, Saudi Arabia

Now handle your export business with right set of tools

A sure-shot Return on your Investments

Ensure that you spend on exhibitions offers you a sure-shot return on investment. Don’t depend on 2-3 buyers and successfully target all your visitors like a Pro

  • Reduce your cost of doing business.
  • No coding skill required.
  • Save time & Money.
  • Don't rely on your sales team to provide timely quotations.