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Don't loose Money.

Manufacturers & Exporters spend lakhs and even crores of rupees every year on Marketing & Sales (Exhibitions, data etc.)

Yet their return on investment is very less or NIL.

This is because either they don’t have the required bandwidth to cater to to all the customers or they lack in process management.

Sales agents come and go and with them the potential business opportunities.

There are many things that are required to convert a potential customer into a paying customer, such as (company Introduction, Product portfolio and offerings, market updates, sending timely quotes, follow-up on quotes, etc.)

Without a proper process, potential customers are just leads and their info is somewhere in your contact list or in your diary.

The irony of the situation is that suppliers know this & yet they fail to do so.

But why does this happen?

Export orders & their fulfilment are notoriously confusing and complicated, yet the technology used to manage them is usually no more sophisticated than excel spreadsheets and email. This system leaves Exporters vulnerable to huge loses and severe damage to their companies.

So owners spend their maximum time making sure everything in procurement and fulfilment is up to the mark, which leaves a very less time to scale business.

To overcome this, suppliers hire sales people and manages a sales team. Now ability of every individual is different and they might work in different ways. Also, someone or the other in supplier’s sales team will leave and with him will leave all the potential business and the supplier has to start it from the zero.

Grow your Exports Business Exponentially

The Problem

According to a survey - 90-95% of business opportunities are lost at initial stage itself. A buyer typically can contact a supplier through different mediums. Email, whatsApp, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, website forms and list goes on…

And send an incomplete requirement and ask for quotations

Now there are 2 main challenges and 1 potential opportunity for a supplier-

  • Challenge 1 : How to know your customer (KYC) before providing a quote - Since the potential buyer reached out through an online medium or on phone, it becomes vital to know the identity of the person along with their company details. And Since, bulk quotation may vary from customer to customer based on the the payment terms, it becomes more important to get to know the customer and their company before sending them a formal quote.
  • Challenge 2 : Provide Quotations - Now since requirements are incomplete, it’s impossible for a supplier to quote prices and especially right prices.

    If the quoted prices are too high, potential buyer can shut down on the supplier and if they are too low, buyer might be skeptical.

If in case buyer confirms the order at lower price, supplier might not be able to fulfil the order at that price point and this in turn leads to losing the buyer.

Now, what suppliers do in this scenario is start a conversation with the buyer and get into a series of email, that leads to wastage of time and resources as there are only so many leads that a supplier and their sales team can take care of manually.

How can we help?

We help exporters scale their business by offering them a tech- enabled B2B SaaS solution with inbuilt proprietary pricing engine, a ready to use personalised Marketplace for their buyers and helps them in fulfilment of export orders.

Demand Generation

We help generate leads and potential buyers for your business.

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Demand Fulfilment

Packaging, Logistics, Shipping, CHA, Insurance & Invoice Discounting.

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Demand Management

Our system automatically generates & send quotes & take follow-ups.

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We take away the biggest challenge in SCALING

With SupplyNinjas you can scale your business to new heights without the fear of failing. 

using NinjasPRO...

Using NinjasPRO you can take your Exports Business Online and manage the complexities of business like creation of proposals, generating quality leads & follow-ups right from your PRO Account. 

Showcase your products online

Website visitors are converted into leads, which are then then passed into lead nurture journey.

Generate high quality leads

Website visitors are converted into leads, which are then then passed into lead nurture journey.

Lead Nurture & conversions

System nurture and convert your leads by taking requirements and sending automated quotations.

Realtime Quotation Engine

Turn your website to a dynamic pricing engine & give live prices to your customer anywhere with click of a button.

Automated follow-ups on quotes

System automatically follows up with the customer on quotations provided & take feedback on quotations.

Manage Customer KYC & Details

One-stop solution for managing documentation, setting payment terms and tracking quotations.


Are you really sure that pricing that you quote to a buyer are your best prices and not too low or too high?? Quoting too high or too low can lead your customer to shut down on you.

How It Works


Signup for your account on SupplyNinjas - Click here for a Free Account.


Add warehouse or your location from where you will ship your products.


Import Customers & Commodities you sell and setup the pricing. 


SupplyNinjas will start creating quotes for your requirements automatically for you. 

what our customers are saying


When the pandemic hit, our sales operations came to a sudden halt. Resuming & bringing our sales team back on track was crucial. Ensuring that buyers get timely quotations was pivotal too. SupplyNinjas’s pricing engine fit in perfectly as per our requirement. It ensured timely quotations & follow up with the buyers, & it is faster than before.

Chander Prakash

FMCG Exporter / Importer


We used to get a lot of enquiries, being a small exporter, we did not had the bandwidth to entertain all of them, due to which we were loosing potential business. Thanks to Supply Ninjas, now we just have to feed customer's info into the system and their system takes care of marketing and sales. Now, we have more time to focus on our core business.

Somnath Aggarwal

Rice Exporter


Now getting quotations of different commodities is a piece of cake and I don't have to rely on expertise of purchase manager and don't have to wait for a week or more to collect quoted from different suppliers. It saves us a lot of money and time in terms of procurement and we can track shipment status right from my dashboard.

Zaheer Ahmad

Buyer, Saudi Arabia

Now handle your export business with right set of tools

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