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Get more customers for your Export Orders

Create Digital Product Catalogues within minutes, collect customers requirements & provide real-time quotations.

90-95% of exports business is LOST at the initial stage.

Do you know that 90-95% of business opportunities are lost at the initial stage because most suppliers send a formal quote without even knowing the customer or their requirements?

Yes, a supplier can’t quote the same prices because B2B exports quotations varies from customer to customer.

That is why, despite the fact that most manufacturers and exporters spend a lot of money on marketing, exhibitions, and data each year, their return on investment is low and they tend to lose orders.

The problem is more prevalent when you lack follow up or process management. Without a process, potential customers are just leads, with their info somewhere in your contact list or your diary. The irony of the situation is that suppliers know this and fail to do so.

Convert Potential Customers to Paying Customers 

NinjasPRO Provides You With The ability to convert potential customer into a Paying customer. Provide Realtime Quotations to Your Customers with automated follow-ups.
Now scale your business with NinjasPro.

using NinjasPRO...

Using NinjasPRO you can take your Exports Business Online and manage the complexities of business like creation of proposals, generating quality leads & follow-ups right from your PRO Account. 

Showcase your products online

Website visitors are converted into leads, which are then then passed into lead nurture journey.

Generate high quality leads

Website visitors are converted into leads, which are then then passed into lead nurture journey.

Lead Nurture & conversions

System nurture and convert your leads by taking requirements and sending automated quotations.

Realtime Quotation Engine

Turn your website to a dynamic pricing engine & give live prices to your customer anywhere with click of a button.

Automated follow-ups on quotes

System automatically follows up with the customer on quotations provided & take feedback on quotations.

Manage Customer KYC & Details

One-stop solution for managing documentation, setting payment terms and tracking quotations.







The Problem

So owners spend their maximum time making sure everything in procurement and fulfilment is up to the mark, which leaves a very less time to scale business.


Un-organised, Family run businesses, One person handling multiple departments 


Providing timely proposals and updating real time changes.

No Coordination

No co-ordination in Teams, data is  exclusive at individual level.

No Followups

No process defined to ensure followups of the proposals or conversions. 

The Solution

The most important work after an exhibition is to FOLLOW UP. That is what most of the exhibitors miss. Taking their information manually or on a piece of paper and stapling buyer’s visiting card is just old school. You do not need to write customers details in your Diary and work on excel sheets after the exhibition is over. 


You can just add a customer contact and their requirements right from your dashboard.


You can manage Margins of commodities according to each customer or proposal.


With a built in Pricing engine you can quote the buyers on the spot without complex calculations.


Even if you forget to Follow the SupplyNinjas ecosystem will do it for you automatically. 

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System will verify your leads, quote real-time prices and follow-up automatically while you focus on providing the best quality products to your customers.