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Is selling through E-Commerce marketplaces and B2B online channels important?


Selling through B2B online channels and E-Commerce marketplaces matters?

Since the use of E-Commerce marketplaces has increased worldwide, there has been enough reason to market products and services online. The Covid-19 pandemic has tremendously pushed various B2B businesses worldwide to have their space on e-Commerce platforms. For most companies – whether they are B2C or B2B – the e-Commerce marketplace will be the most important sales channel in the next decade. The case is already being made for developed countries like China, and developing countries like India are catching up quickly.

India occupies a leading position in the global trade of agricultural products. The total agricultural export basket accounts for over 2.5 percent of the world agricultural trade. The major export destinations are the USA, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

Covid-19’s impact on EXIM and eCommerce Marketplaces

As a result of the widespread lockdowns caused by the covid-19, there has been a shift in services going online. E-Commerce platforms have become crucial sales channels for all businesses, including cross-border commerce. People are realizing the importance of international trading online. As a matter of fact, when small and medium businesses started using e-Commerce channels, their exports increased dramatically.

Three main benefits of these e-commerce channels?

  1. The e-commerce channels provide you the real key to marketing, that is customer focus. You will interact with verified buyers with genuine requirements.
  2. Many customers read reviews before making a purchase, they can also leave a review which will automatically increase your credibility.
  3. The greatest advantage of an E-commerce platform is that they will provide you additional SEO benefits which influence customers to buy your goods.

Final words

A cross-border marketplace that sells through eCommerce platforms is a well-established and rapidly growing channel. It has become an essential channel for every business. Supply Ninjas is the world’s first B2B Marketplace for global trade of Agri-Commodities for importers and exporters. It is the place for buyers to procure Agri Commodities online at the best competitive prices and at the same time allows exports to sell in the fraudulent free environment via its premium product Ninjas Pro

Supply Ninjas open its buyers to a safer way to procure, saving their time and money, Quality Assure their goods and help them track their shipments. All this, at ZERO Subscription Charges.

Buyers can now track their shipments through an all-purpose dashboard that helps them to keep track of what they’ve ordered, current stage of shipments, Quality reports and what is due when giving them a complete control over shipments and keeping them apprised on what’s actually happening on the ground without wasting any of their precious time. Less time procuring means more time to focus on main business.

Supply Ninjas acts as procurement agents for buyers from around 135 countries on over 288 sea ports- allocating their business to thousands of competent sellers registered with us, helping them fulfil the same in the most efficient way possible and quality assure the shipment as per specification chosen by buyers while placing order on the platform. Businesses of all sizes can sell their products to companies in other countries.

Exporters can sell globally through Ninjas PRO to grow their export business by ….Clicking here


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