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From seed selection to post-harvest, the pulses production process has different stages.

Indian Pulses Market

India's agriculture would be incomplete without pulses. The production of Pulses in India was 18.6 million tonnes in the year 2008. Pulses are grown in India with an average yield of 735KG/hectare. Usually, pulses are grown in either irrigated or rain-fed soil. Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Rajasthan produce the majority of the nation's pulses. In India, Madhya Pradesh produces the most pulses. Pulses production is expected to reach 32 million tonnes by the end of 2030. In India, pulses play a major role enhancing livelihoods, nutrition, food security, soil health, farm profits, and the environment. There are about 20% of the world's pulse production that comes from India, which is the world's largest producer, importer and consumer of pulses. Approximately 100,000 million dollars is the annual import bill for pulses. As a result, you might have already realized that Pulses production needs to be increased significantly. In a changing climate scenario, pulse availability is 37g/day, where 54g/day is required to meet protein requirements. By the end of 2020, India plans to produce 23 million tonnes of pulses annually in order to become self-sufficient and decrease the country's ever-growing import bills.


Expert Market Research published a report which said that the global pulse market reached 86 Million Tone in 2016 and is expected to reach 96 Million Tone by 2022. The growing health consciousness of consumers is one of the major factors contributing to the global demand for Pulses. Besides population growth and rising disposable incomes, a strong demand from emerging nations has also contributed to maintaining the overall demand.

Key findings from the report

The chickpea is the world's most popular pulse. The international market for pulses is dominated by retailers, snack food producers, and flour manufacturers.

The top 8 countries that produce pulses are:
India, Canada, Myanmar, China, Brazil, Australia, United States, Russia

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