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How can Packaging Uplift Your Agricultural Exports Business?


Increasing population means increased food production demand. Agricultural packaging helps farmers and exporters deliver food in the most convenient way without suffering any loss.

Packaging eliminates unnecessary waste post-harvest as well as during the production, storage, and transportation processes. It safeguards farmers’ and consumers’ long-term stability.

Export packaging for agricultural products

Your packaging plays a crucial role in your export operations, impacting the safety, cost, communication, and even marketing of your agricultural products. Agricultural packaging has grown immensely in popularity across the globe. According to Statista, the global agricultural packaging market is expected to grow to $5.02 billion by the end of 2023. In order to reach different markets across the globe with your agricultural products, you will need to consider the features, importance, and benefits of packaging.

  • The safety of agricultural products
  • Proper handling instructions

The importance of packaging when it comes to exporting

From a contractual standpoint, you are responsible for ensuring that agricultural products are packaged in a way that is durable for transportation. In the event that the packaging is damaged at the port of destination, the handling of the cargo is not considered responsible for the damage.

Seller’s responsibility: According to the new edition of [Incoterms 2010], Any damage to the products during transportation will be the seller’s responsibility.

The security of goods:

Agriculture packaging serves a number of purposes beyond simply protecting cargo during international logistic processes. The packaging of the product is also an important part of its marketing since it portrays a strong image of the company to the consumer.

Cost-saving measures:

The packaging of your products affects its cost. Packaging must adapt to cargo units deployed to optimize the use of trucks, containers, and other transportation methods.

Organization and storage:

The packages end up taking up more space when not compatible with pallets, and thus, waste as much as 20% of the container’s space, adding 40% to the cost of your product.

Information on handling:

Packaging is also crucial for instructions and other handling information. Knowledge of the packaging will determine how the carrier, individual, and cargo will handle the products. Information on the boxes will help carriers stack the boxes. When there are no instructions on the packaging, the boxes could be stacked upside down, damaging the products.

Functions of labelling and packaging:

In light of the importance of packaging, the packaging must have the following functions to facilitate the transportation process without any hindrance:

  • Prevent cargo damage during international logistics
  • Communicate your brand to consumers
  • Your essential constituent element of marketing
  • Reflects the cultural values of your customers
  • Provide carriers with instructions on how packages should be stacked and handled
  • How does packaging uplift your agricultural exports?

Below are some fundamentals that should be considered to increase exports worldwide.

1. Goods protection

In the case of agricultural products, protecting the products is vital, so the exporter must select the right packaging material to prevent damage. To test the packaging materials and packaging, you can request samples. Ensure that the packaging will withstand transportation.

In terms of packaging, the mode of transportation is crucial because you have to choose the right material depending on the type of transportation and the distance covered by the transportation company. For different markets, different types of materials are required.

2. Business communication

It is the packaging that reveals the product’s features to its buyers, making it a crucial marketing tool for exporters. In agricultural products, you can tell the consumers about an ingredient or warn them about allergies.

In order to guarantee that the export package meets consumer expectations in the target market, preferences of consumers in that market should be determined before export operations are initiated.

3. Indicate the size of the package

The packaging of agricultural products and its material must be optimized to maximize the use of cargo units. Each box should be designed so that it can hold the maximum number of packages. Consider the size of the boxes when using pallets.

The EUR-Pallet is the world’s most commonly used pallet, which measures 1,200mm x 800mm x 144mm, or 47.2inches x 31.5inches x 5.7inches. Exporters can maximize space utilization with these dimensions. It would be helpful if you considered these calculations before defining packaging for your agricultural products.

4. Instructions for handling

The package must indicate how it will be handled. It is the exporter’s responsibility to indicate on the boxes how the product should be processed. Along with the symbol, they can print indications such as “this side up,” “maximum stacking height,” “handle with care,” etc.

All of these should be written outside the packages in order to prevent the products from being damaged during transportation. Furthermore, it would be helpful if you also considered other indications that are mandatory in your company’s product, such as precautions to be taken regarding sunlight, dampness, and extreme temperatures.

5. Reflects the cultural values of your customers

Your packaging should reflect your customer’s cultural values. Regardless of where your customer resides, you should consider the local language and other aspects of the information.

Turkey and Austria are cultures in which green is widely accepted, while in China, red and yellow are accepted due to their royal culture. Before designing your package, you should do a proper cultural analysis to ensure and enhance the cultural values of your potential customers.

This ultimately means what?

In addition to protecting your shipments, the right package can also boost sales and increase the perception of value among your customers. As a result, the packaging is an important aspect that cannot be ignored in order to boost agricultural exports throughout the world.

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