August 8

Boost your Export Business Online with NinjasPRO


Our lives have been revolutionized by online markets like Amazon and Skyscanner for consumers and SAP Ariba and Alibaba for businesses. Mobile apps and websites have greatly increased our purchasing power and created new business models.

Currently, the export sector remains unorganized and has largely been offline. There are immense opportunities for digitization in this industry.

Bringing exports online would benefit importers, exporters, shipping lines, truck and rail owners, and ultimately consumers around the world. Regardless of this, digitalization is more than installing a faster computer or making a website. Your business needs to be rethought fundamentally, in terms of how it works, the type of customers you can reach, and how you can reach them.

Boost your Export Business

New technologies are being developed almost every day, and digitization is becoming an inevitable part of every business. It has many benefits, including:

  1. Data-driven decision-making is improved by digital technology.
  2. The Internet of Things (IoT) and sensors provide new sources of data and insights into business operations.
  3. By analyzing data, companies can reduce operating costs, identify efficiencies and identify unmet customer needs.
  4. A cross-border platform – NinjasPRO connects export companies with a multitude of potential partners throughout the value chain. This expands their ecosystems.
  5. Real-time information facilitates shared capabilities such as transport and warehousing, which in turn leads to greater asset utilization.
  6. With cloud computing, even micro, small, and medium-sized (MSME) businesses have unlimited computing power without investing in infrastructure.
  7. Automated quotations/ proposals and follow-ups increase success rate of getting new orders.

Digitalization is essential for every business of any size. If you haven’t begun, now is the time. With NinjasPRO, anyone in the export business can develop better ways of working by providing automatic quotations, converting more quotes to confirmed orders, planning, booking, managing, and communicating easier. The goal is to deliver the benefits without the complexity.


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