December 8

Be sure to check the authenticity of the foreign buyers to avoid payment risks.


In order to avoid payment risks, foreign buyers must be authenticated.

For an exporter, it has become vital that you understand and determine the overall financial health of a foreign buyer with whom you plan to do business. What matters most is whether the buyer will keep their word. With KYC verified foreign buyers, your export business can avoid risks and verify the buyer’s ability and willingness to pay. Additionally, it lets you know whether you will have a reliable customer in the future.

Let’s take an overlook of Export-Import Business

The shipment data consists of past information about products that are exported, including the name of the item, the description, the HS code, the date of consignment, and importer and exporter information. Other details may include the weight of the cargo, cubic metrics, the destination of the shipment, shipper, consignee, loading number, departure date, and arrival date. This data about the Buyer’s past shipments can help you get a feel for the genuineness and size of the Buyer (based on the number of shipments).

To obtain such information, most people initially turned to online directories and contacted ports. Such a task would be time-consuming and tedious for business associates, traders, manufacturers, and importers, or any buyer who wants access to such details. Such a problem can be solved by using online export-import SAAS platforms.

With these platforms, you can trade with verified buyers and can get the business intelligence reports on export data easily and quickly, which makes it painless and trouble-free for an importer or an exporter to make business plans and to gain profits beyond one’s expectations. Furthermore, it enables you to keep track of the day-to-day activities that occur during the import and export of goods and quantify shipping metrics & shipment tracking improving the overall import-export process. Ninjas PRO is one of the reliable platforms where the exporter can avoid payment risks.

Here are some features of Ninjas PRO:

  • Deal with KYC-verified buyers and sellers. (Buyer Information, Company Details, Owner Information, Credit Report, Import- Export Documents)
  • Get insights and analysis on business reports
  • Provides statistics on commercial credit.
  • Reduces the costs and risks associated with doing business internationally.
  • Dramatically cut the time and expense of finding new business partners. .
  • With Ninjas PRO Alerts, you can spot risks in your existing set of business relationships—before those risks turn into losses.
  • Keep track of the day-to-day activities

To know more about Ninjas PRO features. Click here….

Ultimately, you can enhance the level of authenticity and transparency needed in the import-export business and also help to make thought-provoking decisions to boost the overall economy of international trade.


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