World’s largest B2B Marketplace for global trade of Agri-Commodities

A Technology driven solution to make import-export hassle free Reducing the procurement cost & time by more than 80% while reducing human errors by upto 95%

One Stop Solutions

We offer global buyers a uniform and trouble-free way to procure required commodities and provide global sellers the same, fraudulence-free environment to sell their products.

We offer our best varieties of Rice in Private Labels and in our own brand. Supply Ninjas follows the various steps to assure the quality of each and every shipment that is ordered through the platform.

One Stop Solutions for Best Rice

We are the world's first & largest B2B Marketplace that has effectively provided a platform for traditional Agri-Commodity trading export businesses to conduct global trade with international importers of Indian food commodities through efficient online transaction. Founded in 2013

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